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3 agricultural regions converge at Ecopark Tet fair

In 2 days: 14, 15/01, tourists attending Tet Ecopark will get their hands on thousands of selected traditional Tet food (sausages, glutinous, green beans, chicken, fish, meat, fish ...), all kinds of dry goods (cement, glass noodles, black mushrooms, mushroom, pepper) to confectionery, wine, fruit, fruit, plants ... coming from more than 200 famous booths specialties booths in the country.

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Inside the urban with the best scenery design in the world.

Vietnamese people have never been so close to the urban town with the best scenery design like this. Away from Hanoi with 30 minutes going by car, Ecopark, whose a modern, luxury design along with friendly living environment, is a place you are looking for.

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Apartment hunting craze in suburban area

A few years ago, the trend of buying high-quality condominiums in suburban areas of Hanoi showed an undeniable attraction of this area.

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New Year's Eve with creative festival for families at Ecopark

In 2 days 01, 02 / 1/2017, visitors attend Family Day with the theme "Home is ..." at Ecopark will not only enjoy unique art installation exhibits by hundreds of tiny house but also play with the balance racing, exploring giant bubbles, hand made wooden products or participate in many traditional games.

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The most desirable kindergarten in the forest

Building among the forest just like a castle in fairy tales will be a perfect place for little children to enjoy and study. It is believed that children will fully grow up in an environment where they can be free to play, explore and experience.

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