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Spring picnic in Ecopark Spring Festival

With the theme "From fairy tales to the future", the Ecopark Spring festival has attracted thousands of people per day.

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An Viet hospital opens a new clinic in Ecopark

The ceremony of signing Cooperation Agreemen between An Viet hospital and Viet Hung JSC was taken place In 12/01/2017 at Ecopark.

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The spectacular biggest Ecopark Spring Festival 2017 in the North

Ecopark Spring Festival 2017 with the theme "From fairy tales to future" is invested enormously with flowers arranged artfully, stretches over 54 hectares of ​​the area with folk art shows and significant contemporary art. 

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Ecopark Spring Festival Schedule

Ecopark Spring Festival will be held during a few weeks with various exciting activities and captivating moment. 

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The program New Year's Compassion Fair

The program New Year's Compassion Fair in the annual project of Doan Thi Diem’s students, will take place on Thursday afternoon, dated 19/01/2017 (ie 22 December) at campus.

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