Attractive Location

For business owners, Ecopark township offers many investment opportunities in growing suburbs near the center of Hanoi. Special design of the downtown area at Ecopark promises to be an attractive shopping destination for tourists from Hanoi and the surrounding areas. With smart design and system convenient walkway, set in the landscape system of urban area, all stores located here will grow with Ecopark. Here, there will always be a part of the Ecopm company, which is available 24 / 24h to support business owners in shop maintainance.

Bustling town

As of 2016, Ecopark has welcomed 8000 residents living in Rung Co, Vuon Tung, Vuon Mai and Pho Truc, forming community of solidarity, commitment and bring attractive business opportunity for everyone. Expected to 2018, Ecopark continues to welcome vibrant riverside community - Aqua Bay with the bustling commercial center, the mall is full of opportunities. In addition, every weekend, or Tet, Ecopark has become a destination for thousands of tourists from all over the country.