Entering the 21st century, Vietnam has planned several strategies to accelerate the process of industrialization and modernization of the country. Of these mechanisms on land use, generate capital for construction of infrastructure has become a great boost to Vietnam economy. As a result, multiple-scale and modern infrastructure projects was launched to contribute to change the economy national wide. Realize the policy of the Party and the State, in 2003, a group of experienced investors in various fields of business has decided to establish Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment JSC (Vihajico). The birth of the company associated with the mission to build the first ecological urban area in Vietnam by following the trend of modern urban development of other countries in the world.


Vihajico is striving to become a business which has a sustainable urban development in Vietnam; Ecopark is set to become a model of functional urban areas of the country and region, pioneering and representing the development trend of the sustainable green architecture.


Vihajico not simply build you a house, we provide you a perfect living space. At Ecopark, Vihajico focus on three main missions: To serve the residents: With the human-centered philosophy, our actions are to offer the best service to the people with a desire to bring a comprehensive development both physically and mentally for the community. Environmental Friendly: The inspiration for Ecopark's masterplan is to create a harmony between architecture and natural environment. Diverse Culture: Ecopark convergence all values of traditional culture ​​in the urban environment. Vihajico is proud that Ecopark is where the cultural values ​​stay forever.