09/12/2016 09:12

The opportunity to become students with Japan standards

(Dantri) Recently, Tokyo Medical University Vietnam officially opened the first course of 2 majors as Nursing and Rehabilitation, marking a good start of cooperation between Vietnam and Japan.

Tokyo Medical University Vietnam is invested by the Institute of Medicine Waseda Japan and other Japanese organizations. The school is built in an area of 3.2 ha according to the decision of the Prime Minister. The total initial investment is about 20 milion USD with the training scale is about 1.200 students per year. After graduation, students will have chances to work in big hospitals or take higher educations in Japan.

20161031.1Waseda's modern infrastructure

Beside collaborating with famous partners such as the Academy of Medicine Waseda (Japan), British University Vietnam (BUV), Doan Thi Diem school, EPGA Golf Academy, Ecoparrk also signed with other international education system like CIEM US, Fuji Kindergarten, Twinkle Town international kindergarten.

Education plays an important role in the process of Ecopark development. Children living in Ecopark can attend in an educational system from elementary level to higher education which not only meet national standards but also the international.

20161031.2British University Vietnam (BUV) will opperate from 2017.

Investors have spent a significant amount of money on building a system of parks, modern utilities to ensure the young generation can have good conditions to grow up. It not only has an open and fresh space but also a good security where children can be free to participate all activities from clubs with any disturbances. 



An advanced educational system from kindergarten to university level with international standards is always ready to serve the learning demands of more than 20000 residents in Aqua Bay.