09/12/2016 09:12

Success from the philosophy “Lighted doorway”

(Reatime.vn) Perhaps the success of Ecopark comes from a simple philosophy which is taking the residents as “root”; put themselves in the customers’ wants and benefits.  All the rhetoric about the goodness are meaningless;  happy homes are significant with bright doorways fully. The residents who tried using decide to stay which is the main criteria for worth living residential.

quang van le 8 “Every single window of Ecopark apartment is lighted at night” - said Mr. Dao Ngoc Thanh, general director of JSC Investment and Urban Development Vietnamese Hung ( Vihajico)

Until this time, the Vietnam real estate developers were able confident about the recovery of the market. Besides, it is also affirmed that there is a fundamental change in Vietnamese real estate market in quality when the power shift to the buyers, rather than the situation of “selling well even giving bad attitude” as the “land fever” five to seven years ago. Currently, businesses must find ways, even tricks to convince buyers.

Therefore, the opening complex Aqua Bay event recently became a special phenomenon of RE market, for only less than 2 months, 500 villas and townhouses and 2000 apartments have sold out. Looking at the view of thousands of people were queueing up from the night before to receive subscription right documents, land investors must also dreamed about surely.

20161109.1Aqua Bay Master Plan

Effective sales of Ecopark which be called “season of fresh fruit” during the past time, especially recently is the worth result for all the effort and energy Ecopark employees have spent. This success came from a successful investment strategy, good traning bussiness, sustainable urban creating, especially the investor’s heart with customers.

Throughout the process Ecopark contruction in area of 500 hectare in generally and in particularly Aqua Bay development is the professional lines of product with reasonable prices. For representative Aqua Bay, these apartments prices are at least 30 – 40% lower compared to the same products in other projects although these combination villas are considered the most luxurious in Hanoi. “Dreaming houses” with 100 meter square large and four – floor built cost a bit more than 3 billion. In particularly, system senior apartments Aqua Bay Sky Residences is only 700 million / m2 at the starting price which is much cheaper than any of the project of the same type.

The results are also the conclusion of sustained investment methods, ecological values with green spaces, beautiful scenery which is the "plus" side of good quality, comprehensive infrastructure.

Nothing is suprising that a growing number of high building in the inter city and green area, the water is increasingly shinking. Almost investors  still commonly apply “green – eco” for promoting their projects then they are just a “fashion termology”because eco – projects are still counted with fingers, one of which is Ecopark. Ecopark is a green invironment – a city in forest which is looked for by Hanoi citizens. It can be affirmed that any customer who traveled Ecopark can feel a comfortable green living space.

20161109.2 Ecopark The Green City

With a large land bank and gold vision in urbanization design, focusing on human and residences, Ecopark has created their own strength. Overall, this project has structured perfectly through making harmonious transition among inter lines, squares and residentals. The combination between high and lower buidings would be morphological characteristic. 

It is reminiscent of a traditional garden, the old city of the new urban Vietnam. Besides, Green trees in combined with water should be mentioned and this clever element created a living space concentrated on human protected by green trees. Saying sounds simple but it might be hard for other behind projects to catch up with Ecopark because of gathering huge capital and land.

In one conversation, Mr, Dao Ngoc Thanh, CEO Ecopark has confided that he was afraid of feeling "cold his back" when he passes through urban areas overgrown and abandoned. He thought that RE makers’ happiness and success is “lighted doorway” coming from all apartments they built. It is the key for Ecopark success.

When the market power belonged to buyers, geting to know residents’s satisfaction as a measure for success is a strong business strategy and the most sustainable. Being a current development project, Ecopark is also attractive through the practical experiences which give the chances of trying staying to many potential customers. By creating a comfortable ecology and humanity living space, Ecopark is ranked highly for evironment, infrastructure by customers. Tens of thousands of residents have voluntarily became the “brand ambassador” or “volunteer brokers” for next projects.

20161109.3Ecopark residents are satisfied with their living environment

To sum up, ecopark success would be a lesson for developing professional RE. We need investors who are warm – hearted, visionable, friendly and understand their customers. One more simple thing is putting yourself in customers, then we could know their wants, understand their benefits they should be received. Simple to see, but not to be done.