09/12/2016 09:12

9 tips to make the small apartment bigger

(Giadinh.net) Have you ever wondered that a house with just 40-50 m2 still appear beautifully on interior magazines… The different comes how subtly we arrange the furniture, and here are 9 simple tips to turn your apartment bigger.

1.        Use the light color for your wall

20161027-9meo1Your room will become not only bigger but subtler when combine white walls with white and grey furniture.

2.        Make more headroom

The owner uses the carpet to make a headroom between the kiichen and living room.

3.        Flexble Partition 

Instead of using concrete walls, wooden bulkheads will ensure a clearance to the room but still keep a private space for the owner.

4.        Make you room brighter with large windows

20161027-9meo4Large windows will bring an open view to your room and fullfill it with natural lights.

5.        Roof door curtain

Curtains are not only decorating stuffs to make a room beautiful, but also make it bigger when design it close to the roof or bigger than the size of window.

6.        Use your interior smartly 

A bulkhead is very necessary for every house to flexibly create an open space in the kitchen, or in bedroom.

7.        Turn your balcony into garden

Self-watering technology along with hanger system will easily turn your balcony into a garden and make it more spacious.

8.        Multifucntional shower room

With an apartment under 45 m2, it is very difficult to have 2 bathrooms. A glass wall can separate the room into 2 space where all members can use it at the same time.

9.        Simplify your interiors


Simplify as much as possible is the best way to make your room bigger. A lovely bed, desk lamp and closets will the room modern and elegance.

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