Rung Co Apartment

Wonderful living space

Rung Co apartment area receives fully the perfect of the green park with modern utilities while located nearly Vuon Mai and Vuon Tung villa areas. A chain of system from Ecopark including kindergarten, healthy care, public library can satisfy the leisure demands from residents. Besides, Pho Truc area with numerous food courts will bring several opportunities to the residents to explore the cuisine culturals from many regions of the country.

Modern services

Swimming pool for adults and children
Advanced gym
Area for outdoor events
Green park
Walking area

Four seasons green park

With a system of Spring park, Summer park and Autume park, Ecopark creates a green environment to make sure that the community can enjoy completely the green space, contributing to the pure memory of young generation.

An international system of schools and hospitals

In order to serve the learning demand of residents and other surrounding areas, the investors always want to create a high quality educational system from the level of kindergarten to university level. Some high quality schools so far can be counted like British University Vietnam, Tokyo Medical University Vietnam, Doan Thi Diem high school. Eco Clinic, which is equipped with modern facilities and a team of experienced and prestigious specilists, will always care for your health.