Thao Nguyen Highstreet

A system of advanced utility and education

Along with a complex of shopping malls, entertainments, lakeside food courts, and clubhouse service systems; streets of commercial blocks, shopping centers will be potential investing opportunities at Aqua Bay. At present, some major partners of Ecopark can be counted like British Univeristy Vietnam, Tokyo Medical University Vietnam, EPGA Golf Academy founded by the legend golfer - Ernie Els are being constructed and expected to operate respectively in 2016 and 2017.

Sustainable living environment

The Aqua Bay community will be enjoy the stunning views along the central lake where they can completely blend in with the nature. Besides, all essential demands will be provided fully from a system of international schools, hospitals, sports complex, EPGA Golf Academy to parks, clubs, event centers... which are all harmoniously connected with the transportation infrastucture. All of those elements create an ideal living environment.